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Legacy Teachings

Hakomi offers a simple, elegant, and direct method for bringing unconscious limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of behavior into conscious awareness; thereby reducing unnecessary suffering, deepening and expanding our ability to give and receive love, and increasing joy in our lives.  Grounded in ancient Buddhist and Taoist principles, the Refined Method of Hakomi has been validated by the newest discoveries in neuroscience.  One of the first body-centered therapies, Refined Hakomi is internationally recognized as a mindfulness based form of assisted self-discovery. 



Twenty days to Immerse yourself in the Core Curriculum of Hakomi! A rare opportunity to have a truly embodied experience of the Refined Hakomi Method.

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From Our Students

"Adama truly embodies the gentle, loving, compassionate, safe, respectful, nonviolent Hakomi way of being. By sharing the method experientially rather than theoretically, Adama assists students to embody the spirit of the method as a way of being. - Kristen S.

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In Ron's words: About the Refined Method

It has been over forty years since I began creating the Hakomi Method. Much has been added, refinements made, and a good deal now deemed unnecessary, has been dropped. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, the work is simple and effective.

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