From Our Students

What is Hakomi?  - for Ron Kurtz

“Hakomi? What’s Hakomi?” my friend asks,
her lips puckering like a fish in mild disdain.
Here once again is Ron’s koan, waiting for an answer.
I used to try and explain; now mostly I just smile,
quietly meet their eyes and say nothing –
what is there to say? Yet the master’s wistful smile
beckons for one more try.
Hakomi is a chance to explore off the trail, to follow the
sound of the dharma bell ringing in the cave of the heart –
Who are you, really?  Hakomi is a lump in the throat,
a lightning flash of memory, a phrase that gently taps against
the windowpane of reflection, and a beckoning doorway
that leads where you cannot see.
In this game we’re always on start, each experiment
a new beginning with no wrong moves –
only breath and curiosity are required to step toward
your true face. To practice is to not know the Way
but to fall or fly, following holes, touching gaps and
guessing at the bones, until finally, blessedly,
the forgotten music box inside opens to a tune
our ears have been straining to hear for longer
than we can know.
In the end, all players are lifted easily as light
and free to go, love simply smiling all the way.  ~
EJF, Hakomi Trainining Student, April 24, 2011


"I feel so fortunate to have had the Hakomi method transmitted to me by someone embodies the spirit of it in such a deep way. Adama did not teach some formula or technique, he conveyed a "Way" that is not only applicable to conducting therapy sessions but to all aspects of my life.  I believe the Ron Kurtz entrusted his teachings to Adama because of his ability to creatively adapt the "method" to the infinite expressions of personhood that may end up sitting before you as a therapist."
Ryan G


Throughout my Hakomi immersion in Levels 1, 2 and 3, Adama has been a steady, gentle, thoughtful and highly intuitive teacher. His ability to follow the group dynamics as well as listen deeply to each individual creates a safe, nurturing environment for beautiful self-discovery to unfold. He also holds true to Ron Kurtz's latest teachings: The Refined Method of Hakomi. Adama is a wealth of knowledge and a living example of the heart and art of Hakomi. I am deeply grateful for all the ways this work has positively impacted my life.  Lisa S 


With grace and ease, Adama holds space to allow what wants to emerge, to come forth and be healed.  His “doing” is in the “not-doing”. Anna C

"What I appreciate most about Adama and Marina is not
their understanding of Ron’s therapeutic method, but their
ability to offer it in a fresh way through their own sensibilities
and personal style. I experience them as living embodiments
of Hakomi and have gained a way of being with others that
is so much more than intellectual understanding." - Evan F

"Adama and Marina are incredible teachers and facilitators. The group created an incredibly safe container for expressing some of the deepest parts of me.

The Level two training with Adama and Marina was incredible and life changing for me. Along with the Level one training, it was one of the most profound experiences of my life -- A truly educational journey of healing."

"Adama and Marina powerfully model loving presence that is creative, spontaneous, and real. They follow the energy of the group and provide the spaciousness and encouragement for the loving context for truly deep healing connections to unfold and for the undeniable cultivation of each participant’s self-knowing and self-love.