Immerse yourself in the Heart of Hakomi!

Facilitated by Adama Hamilton & Silvia Kohen

The  summer intensive offers a rare opportunity for anyone to have a truly embodied experience of the Refined Hakomi Method. All participants, regardless of previous experience, benefit greatly by immersing themselves in the method, in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.  Regardless of your motivation, personal growth and healing or professional skills building, all share the human journey of learning about self and other, while deepening and expanding our capacity to give and receive love.  This training will cover the core curriculum which includes Heart of Hakomi:  Loving Presence, Quieting the Mind, Non-verbal Awareness and Nourishing Communication.  Participants receive a certificate of completion for the Level 1 training that may be applied to the total days of required training that is one of the requirements for certification as a Hakomi Practitioner.

The  schedule: TO BE ANNOUNCED:

Core Curriculum - Heart of Hakomi

Loving Presence and Quieting the Mind: 

Sliding scale $275-325 per weekend - half price for returning students

Non-Verbal Awareness & Nourishing Communication: 

Sliding scale $275-325 per weekend - half price for returning students

It is encouraged, though not necessary, to take all four sections listed above as a Level 1 Intensive. The total cost for students taking all four sections is $1000. 


Training begins at 5:00pm the first day, and continues from 9:00am - 5:00pm the second two days, with 2 hours for lunch.

* Please see our calendar for our full schedule.

For those who are traveling, we can assist you in locating accommodations that will suit your needs and your budget.  Please click here for more information on travel & accommodations.

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All trainings take place in in Ashland, Oregon except those identified by an asterisk *.  Please call us for more information at 541-482-0679 or email us at Hakomi Email