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"My vision was always about making the method as simple, effective and as available as possible. I believe that any warmhearted, intelligent person, no matter what background or academic status, can learn to help others using the Refined Method.  It is simple and grounded in spiritual and scientific practices.  All kinds of ordinary people have had no trouble learning and using it.  It is my belief that all healing -- mental, emotional, and physical – unfold naturally when given proper support. The Refined Method relies on letting things take their natural course."  - Ron Kurtz

All Classes and Courses for Hakomi Heart & Art Legacy Teachings (detailed below) are open to those interested in personal and/or professional growth.

The version of Hakomi offered at the center for Hakomi Heart & Art Legacy Teachings, located in Ron's hometown of Ashland, Oregon is the final one developed by Ron Kurtz after fine-tuning the method for over forty years.  The Refined Method offers anyone interested in understanding and healing themselves, an experience of profound personal growth and evolution, as well as significantly increasing the professional skills of licensed therapeutic counselors, teachers, massage therapists, acupuncturists and anyone working in service of others.

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Level One Core Curriculum:  The Heart of Hakomi

This training is valuable for personal growth & professional training.  The Heart of Hakomi consists of the fundamental practices (Loving Presence, Quieting the Mind, Non-verbal Awareness, and Nourishing Communication) which provide a solid foundation in the Refined Hakomi Method.  Receive a $150 discount when you register and pay for all 4 trainings at least 45 days before the first training of the Heart of Hakomi series.


Loving Presence is our capacity to be genuinely present for another being, without any agenda, opinion or judgment. It is a calm, open and compassionate state of mind. This practice fosters intimacy, trust and connection in which we intentionally appreciate and are nourished by one another. Through a series of experiential exercises you will achieve and maintain an open and compassionate state of mind. Using mindfulness as a tool for self study, you will uncover habitual patterns that affect relationships. 


Quieting the mind allows us to sustain a calm, sensitive, present-centered state of mind. Mindfulness is learned and practiced. The basic idea is to become calm and to stay calm, while being present for others as well as for oneself. This sensitive, calm presence is the necessary state of mind for effectively using the Hakomi Method.

Loving Presence and Quieting the Mind comprise a 5 Day Course for $650.

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Non-Verbal Awareness expresses who we are, our present experience, our personal story, as well as what we expect and what we really need from each other. The learning is done experientially, using a quiet, calm state of mind, and doing Hakomi experiments to bring to consciousness the underlying meanings hidden in nonverbal expression (our own and others): facial expressions, bodily gestures, posture, tone of voice, energy, pacing, and other signals. This workshop is valuable for people in helping professions or service work, especially teachers, doctors, nurses, and social workers. It is also excellent support for parenting and other important relationships.


Some of our invisible habits limit our capacity to love and be loved. This workshop is about getting to know and befriending our invisible habits of coping so that we have more than a knee jerk response. If you are hesitant/cautious/wary/scared etc. at times about being loving and loved - and if you are aware of a part of you that longs to love well and let yourself be well loved - this workshop is one way to walk toward that wholeness. This course focuses on integration. You will study and change your habits around giving and receiving nourishing communications, including touch and speech. The group supports each other in deepening and expanding the ability to receive and enjoy love and nourishment as well as developing skills in helping others to feel loved and nourished.

Non-Verbal Awareness and Nourishing Communications comprise a 5 Day Course for $650.

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Level Two Core Curriculum: The Art of Hakomi
Refining Essential Skills & Applying Essential Skills


This level of training is aimed at learning, refining and applying the skills needed to work skillfully with others.  It covers all the refinements made to the method over the last twenty years, plus many of the techniques used in the original version of the method.  The training includes extended practice and supervised practice sessions.

Refining Essestial Skills - 5 Days - $700.
Applying Essential Skills - 5 Days - $700.

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Advanced Training:  Mastering the Method

Date:    TBA
Time:    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Maximum participants:    18 people
Cost:   For this particular 3 day Trainingis: $300.00

Mastering the Method therapy intensive and advanced training provides the perfect opportunity to:

  •     Deepen your understanding of the Hakomi method as developed by Ron Kurtz,
  •     Be supervised in conducting complete sessions,
  •     Receive therapy sessions with Adama and other Hakomi students.

Each group is a unique experience.  We conduct the five day course in the same way we would conduct a Hakomi sessions - by assessing the needs of the present group and weaving together the elements needed to provide students with an experiential and embodied understanding of the Hakomi method as refined by Ron Kurtz over many years.

While this course is designed for Hakomi students who want to develop their skills as practitioners, it is an excellent opportunity for those new to Hakomi to immerse themselves in the process and receive the healing benefits of receiving sessions.  Only students who have completed the Core Curriculum will be facilitating sessions.

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Refined Hakomi Leadership Team

The best leader follows.  - Lao Tsu

More details to come . . .

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Intensive Programs


In this dynamic three-day course, teachers conduct four complete Hakomi sessions each day, demonstrating the use of the Refined Hakomi Method.  All participants have an opportunity to serve as an assistant during the individual sessions.  The Therapy Intensive format provides a rare opportunity to observe and assist in working with people live and to discuss each session in detail.  In a typical three-day intensive, teachers will conduct full sessions with participants who sign up in advance to sit in the client seat.

In a typical session, teachers will work with the client or couple using the latest version of his method. This involves using techniques like: tracking, contact, finding indicators, guessing about the meaning of the indicator and creating an experiment as a way of working with it, with the client in mindfulness. Teachers will also use the technique of "following" in which the client's spontaneous behaviors guide the next step in the process. The use of silence and comforting during integration will also be demonstrated.

This course provides the opportunity for twelve participants to experience a full individual session as one of the live demonstrations for the class.   Individual sessions are secured on a first come-first served basis.

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Other Programs


Excellent for personal growth and professional training!  Everyone is welcome to attend this exciting course!  You are encouraged to bring a partner, whether it be a spouse, friend, co-worker, parent, adult child, or lover. All participants gain a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics of intimacy in relationships of all kinds. The Relationship Intensive is perfect for couples who wish to experience the ways that Hakomi can enhance their relationship, as well as for anyone who works with couples. Since this is an experiential method, all participants are invited to participate in a variety of carefully crafted Hakomi exercises and Loving Presence practices.  You may also experience a personal therapy session from the teachers (who are highly experienced Hakomi Therapists)  in a supportive group setting that help get to the core issues in your relationship.  Spaces are limited.

You will learn, through demonstration and experimental exercises, how to work with relationship issues; learn simple, highly effective communication skills; uncover some of your own unconscious patterns that affect relationships; and better understand projection and transference issues in an environment where you feel nourished, inspired, and encouraged by this unique Hakomi experience!  You may even have some fun while doing it!

3 Day Course: $375 / With a personalized Therapy Session $495

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Introduction to Hakomi

Open to anyone who would like to know more about The Refined Method of Hakomi, and has an interest in reducing unnecessary suffering; deepening and expanding their ability to give and receive love, and increasing joy in their lives.

Practice Groups

Open to anyone who has attended a Hakomi workshop, training or Intro evening.  Led by a facilitator that is trained in the Refined Method of Hakomi with exercises for continued personal & professional growth.


To Register for courses, please call or email us with details of the classes you are interested in.

Most trainings take place in in Ashland, Oregon.  Please call us for more information at:

 541-708-0548 or email us at Hakomi Email