The Heart & Art Legacy Teachings

One-on-One Hakomi Sessions offered via Zoom or In-Person (in Ashland, OR).

Hakomi brings healing through witnessing, listening and loving presence. Let’s explore together what is needed in the moment to illuminate what is most ready to be revealed.

Hakomi teaches heart-centered principles and practical skills for Cultivating Wisdom, Compassion and a sense of Community in the World.

It belongs to a great Movement Of Consciousness and Human Evolution.

About Hakomi

Hakomi offers a simple, elegant, and direct method for bringing unconscious limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of behavior into conscious awareness; thereby reducing unnecessary suffering, deepening and expanding our ability to give and receive love, and increasing joy in our lives.

Hakomi Training

Hakomi Training takes you through one level at a time, each building on the previous course.

Level 1: The Heart of Hakomi
Level 2: The Art of Hakomi
Advanced Training: Mastering the Method

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Hakomi is for Everyone

Hakomi can be used for both personal growth and professional advancement. Our Intro and Intensives are available for people of all levels. Come experience Hakomi for yourself.

Hakomi Certification

Are you interested in being a Hakomi Practitioner? Certification is available for Practitioners, as well as Teachers and Trainers. Learn about Hakomi Certification.

Hakomi Education Network

We are proud to be part of the Hakomi Education Network (HEN), an international group of people dedicated to preserving, developing and teaching Hakomi as created by Ron Kurtz, author of Body-Centered Psychotherapy: the Hakomi Method. Learn about our network of teachers, trainers and practitioners here: Hakomi Education Network.

Introduction to Hakomi

Open to anyone who would like to know more about The Refined Method of Hakomi, and has an interest in reducing unnecessary suffering; deepening and expanding their ability to give and receive love, and increasing joy in their lives.

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Hakomi Intensives

Intensives are for all people. They offer an opportunity to watch, participate and practice in sessions, using the Hakomi Refined Method in various situations.

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Practice Groups

Open to anyone who has attended a Hakomi workshop, training or Intro evening. Led by a facilitator that is trained in the Refined Method of Hakomi with exercises for continued personal & professional growth.

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Ashland Hakomi Immersion

Hakomi Immersion

Dates TBD

Builds on Level One training offered in 2020 or may be taken as a first time training.

Its Essence and Its Art

In Ashland, Oregon
2 1/2 day Immersion Fri-Sun

Experience the Hakomi Refined Method, a body-centered method of assisted self discovery.

The hours from this immersion apply towards Certification.

“To make Hakomi effective, the practitioner must be more than just someone who knows a method; someone whose very presence can be healing.” – Ron Kurtz, Founder of Hakomi Refined Method

All experience levels welcome.

Hakomi Team

Adama Hamilton, MS

Adama Hamilton, MS

Legacy Holder / Certified Trainer

Silvia Kohen, MA

Silvia Kohen, MA

Certified Trainer

Adama & Silvia with Ron Kurtz

Adama & Silvia with Ron Kurtz


“I feel so fortunate to have had the Hakomi method transmitted to me by someone embodies the spirit of it in such a deep way. Adama did not teach some formula or technique, he conveyed a “Way” that is not only applicable to conducting therapy sessions but to all aspects of my life. I believe the Ron Kurtz entrusted his teachings to Adama because of his ability to creatively adapt the “method” to the infinite expressions of personhood that may end up sitting before you as a therapist.”

Ryan G

“Throughout my Hakomi immersion in Levels 1, 2 and 3, Adama has been a steady, gentle, thoughtful and highly intuitive teacher. His ability to follow the group dynamics as well as listen deeply to each individual creates a safe, nurturing environment for beautiful self-discovery to unfold. He also holds true to Ron Kurtz’s latest teachings: The Refined Method of Hakomi. Adama is a wealth of knowledge and a living example of the heart and art of Hakomi. I am deeply grateful for all the ways this work has positively impacted my life.”

Lisa S

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